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South Florida to Get New Area Code As Population in Miami-Dade County, Keys Continues to Grow

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Area codes in South Florida have become a source of pride for many residents, with '305' being ubiquitous to Miami-Dade County.

But starting in 2024, the area codes that have defined Miami -- '305' and '786' -- will be completely used up, the Florida Public Service Commission announced Tuesday.

"As the population and economy continue to grow in Miami-Dade County and the Keys, available new telephone numbers using the 305/786 area codes are depleting," the commission said, adding that a plan is in place to resolve the issue.

To accommodate for the region's growing population, the commission will be adding a new telephone prefix to join the likes of '305' and '786,' according to a statement.

The commission plans to vote on the new area code in February 2022, with staffers slated to make recommendations for the new area code next month.

Under the plan, new customers would be assigned phone numbers with the new area code. Existing customers would keep their current telephone numbers, the commission said.

305 was the Sunshine State's very first area code, making its appearance in 1947. The 786 area code was implemented in 1998.

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