South Florida Turns Chilly, But on Fort Lauderdale Beach, People Make the Most of It

It's not what you envision when you think of Hollywood Beach – people bundled up, drinking coffee, trying to stay warm.

Over on Fort Lauderdale Beach on Tuesday, some others were enjoying the lower temperatures. Oscar Garcia was working out.

"We love this weather," Garcia said. "It's comfortable. It's nice to walk, to work out, to hang out with friends, you know."

For Adam Bator, it was a good day to catch some waves.

"Well I got a wet suit on under here, a wet top to put on and just going to try to stay warm,” he said.

Most tourists actually enjoyed the cool-down.

"This is beautiful. It's 12 degrees in Massachusetts right now," said Robert Zeller, who lives in the Bay State. "I saw people in winter jackets this morning and it was pretty comical."

A couple from Rhode Island agreed.

"This is beautiful. Where we're from, the temperature was minus two," David Such said. "You can't beat Florida. This is awesome. This is great. It's not cold to us. For the locals, when they're all bundled up, we say suck it up. This is nothing. This is easy going for us."

"It's 50 degrees warmer than a normal winter day, so we're making the best of it thinking it's one of the two states that's not frozen," Such’s wife Angela said. "We're glad we decided to come here for the week."

Sitting outside to eat on Fort Lauderdale Beach in a table swing at Oasis Cafe usually sounds ideal anytime of the year, but not in 50-degree weather.

"If it's too cold, I do call people off of work or we just rough it and as the day goes on if it's not busy we send people home," manager Marco Duncun said.

The Oasis Cafe was open for business, but with heaters in place.

Even though most people didn't seem to mind the cold, some are ready for the beach to feel back to normal.

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