South Florida Veterans to Publish Book

A group of 24 Vietnam Veterans wrote a book about their experiences. It's slated to come out next month.

When the bullets were flying in Vietnam, Bobby White was a young soldier straight out of Carol City High.

He returned home to South Florida, received a Master's degree and began working in Veterans Affairs, but deep inside him lurked the visions of the jungles of Southeast Asia.

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Then just last year, White decided to turn things around. He and a group of 23 other South Florida Vietnam veterans agreed to write about their experiences for a book that is set to come out next month.

"Twenty-four veterans talked about their Vietnam experiences for a over a year and then we said, 'Let's put this down on paper,'" White said.

The men, all locals, got assistance from Congresswoman Frederica Wilson (D-FL 24th District) in publishing the book, called "The Vietnam War: Black Bullets, Flashbacks, and Untold Truths." It depicts the struggles of minority soldiers during and after Vietnam.

"In Vietnam, the culture of the African American solider was extremely different," White said.

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The book vividly recalls the nightmares of war, the discrimination they faced, and the anxiety attacks that followed them off the battlefield.

"There are some very exciting, horrific kinds, new kinds, of untold truths that are expounded on," said Dr. Ben Cowins, a Miami Northwestern High graduate and Vietnam Vet who edited the book.

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