South Florida Voters React to First Debate Between Obama and Romney

Impact of debate unclear on some local undecided voters

South Floridians are speaking their minds on Wednesday night's first presidential debate, and while some see a clear winner of the Romney-Obama bout, the impact is not so clear on undecided voters.

From accounts on both sides of the aisle, the Republican challenger found an edge.

"Mitt Romney definitely seemed more confident," undecided voter Beatriz Laracuente said while picking up her morning coffee in Miramar Thursday.

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Small business owner Ivan Farkas said he thought the president looked timid.

"I just didn't understand why he kept looking down, but usually it's a sign that somebody's going on the defensive and feels a little uncomfortable," Farkas said. "President Obama wasn't on his game, he was stuttering a lot, didn't answer quick questions and I think Governor Romney was on point."

Others saw Romney differently.

"I see Mitt Romney, it is so, like, one track mind." Yolanda Fernandez said.

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"I think he's just a bit more credible than Romney is," Dyed Faisel said of Obama.

Undecided voters like Laracuente seemed to remain on the fence.

"I'm not really sure right now, I mean they both have good things that they're implementing," she said.

Voters will get their next chance to see Obama and Romney square off during the second debate set for Oct. 16 in Hempstead, N.Y.

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