South Florida Woman Shot 5 Times by U.S. Marshals Sues Them for $10 Million

Janira Calderin has parts of 3 fingers missing

More than a year later, you can see still Janira Calderin's wounds: one on her head, and parts of three fingers missing. She says she was shot five times by U.S. Marshals.

"I was confused," Calderin said. "I really didn't have time to think because I had gunshots coming in from everywhere."

Now, Calderin is suing those U.S. Marshals for $10 million.

Back in August 2011, Calderin said, she met her ex-boyfriend Samir Herrera at his home in Boynton Beach. The two, who only knew each other a month, were on their way out to dinner, but Calderin never made it out of the driveway.

"I got shot in the head, my hands, I lost one part of my finger, the tips of the other two, and my foot," she said.

The marshals were there to arrest Herrera on charges of attempted murder, kidnapping, and armed robbery. But Calderin's attorney Ron Guralnick said the gunfight began after Herrera reached for a weapon.

"This was action. This happened in milliseconds," Guralnick said. "Just imagine that amount of ammunition being shot into that vehicle – the terror that she must have been in."

After Calderin jumped out of the car, she said the marshals ran after Herrera, leaving her by herself in the road.

"They had no plan. It wasn't even a botched plan," Guralnick said. "They had no plan."

Today, Calderin still suffers from the injuries – physically and mentally.

"I have nightmares. I don't sleep the same," she said. "I'm paranoid all the time. I suffer from anxiety."

NBC 6 South Florida called the U.S. Marshals to get its side of the story, but a spokesperson said "no comment."

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