South Florida’s Haitian Community Celebrates Appointment of Cardinal Chibly Langlois

Cardinal Chibly Langlois' appointment was announced on the anniversary of the devastating earthquake in Haiti.

The Haitian community in South Florida is thrilled one of their own is finally a cardinal.

Several celebrated the appointment of Cardinal Chibly Langlois at Notre Dame D'Haiti Parish Sunday.

"It's such a pride for the Haitian community," parishioner Jean Souffrant said.

Langlois is one of the youngest in a group of 16 new cardinals appointed by Pope Francis. He is the first Haitian to be elected into the College of Cardinals.

"It's a great sign of affirmation to the church of Haiti," said Father Reginald Jean-Mary.

Jean-Mary remembered Langlois as a humble man from his visits to Miami.

"It was a beautiful experience. He was at that time the bishop of Fort Liberti and the bishop of Les Cayes," Jean-Mary said.

Although Langlois was formally appointed Saturday, Pope Francis made the announcement on Jan. 12th, the anniversary of the catastrophic earthquake in Haiti.

"It's symbolic and providential. It means that there's hope for Haiti, that we have good resources, that we have good people, that something good can come out of Haiti," Jean Mary said.

Parishioners agree that Langlois' appointment is inspiring, and comes at the perfect time.

"Haiti has seen the worst of days, but with opportunities like these, we can see that things are changing," said Souffrant.

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