South Floridians Participate in ‘Day Without Immigrants' Protests

Some South Floridians participated in Thursday's nationwide "Day Without Immigrants" protests.

Dozens of activists and families of immigrants, including many who are undocumented, gathered for a demonstration at Homestead City Hall. Many nearby restaurants and businesses also closed up shop to show their support for their employees.

Spanish chef Jose Andres, who has two eateries in Miami, closed only his restaurants in Washington DC in a show of solidarity.

According to organizers, the cause is their way of showing how important they believe immigrants and non-citizen residents are to the economy and their role in daily functions in life.

"We're showing and demonstrating our strength and our best resources in this country which is consuming and giving labor work so today we're not just not going to work or cooperating with the system but we're also gathering to show the space that everybody is in unity," participant Margarito Cruz said.

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