South Floridians React to Birth of Royal Baby

Some South Floridians were excited about the birth, while others were happy for the parents but didn't share the enthusiasm

Not even trivia night at The Pub in Pembroke Pines could resist saluting the newborn Prince of Cambridge Monday night. Contestants received one extra point if they chose the more popular name of "George," for the royal baby.

But Kristen Fitts also earned bragging rights, it was her birthday too.

"I'm very excited. I feel like the royal baby was born 44 years ago, but that's OK," Fitts said.

At Waxy O'Connor's Irish Pub in Fort Lauderdale, Team 6 found a cluster of British ex-patriots who were not as excited as the crowds across the pond, where thousands spent hours waiting for updates outside the Lindo Wing of London's Saint Mary's Hospital, where the royal baby was born to his parents, William and Catherine, the duke and duchess of Cambridge.

"I don't care, it's like, yeah, I'm pleased for them, don't get me wrong, I'm excited for any new parents," said Andy Barclay, who is originally from East London, but now lives in South Florida.

The prince's birth was announced in a formal framed letter placed on a golden easel outside Buckingham Palace. The letter lists the newborn's birth time of 4:24 p.m. London time Monday, and weight of 8 pounds, 6 ounces. It is the kind of pomp and circumstance Americans like Pam Markus eat up.

"Though we left the whole idea of it and made our own independence, I think we are fascinated about what we left behind," she said.

With a newborn royal successor, Queen Elizabeth can now wind down her reign on a high note said Pamela Kawaja, publisher of

"She's got the succession lined up. She's got her grandson married to a woman he truly loves," Kawaja said.

Though it's cause for celebration, it is also a bittersweet moment for the royal family without William's mother, the late Princess Diana, she said.

"It's tinged with sadness because, of course, Diana is not around to see it. And, of course, Prince William, it must cross his mind all the time," she said.

His Royal Highness, the new Prince of Cambridge now follows his father, William, and grandfather, Charles, the Prince of Wales, as the next oKing of England years from now.

"Most of us will be dead by the time this child ascends to the throne anyway, which will be decades from now," Kawaja explained.

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