South Floridians Wait as the Cardinals Enter Second Day of Conclave

South Florida Catholics pray for the next leader of the church.

Catholics around the world await the decision from the Vatican on the next Pope, and in South Florida, various Catholics are in constant prayer for the next leader of the church.

“As a Christian, all we need is a leader,” said Marcelline Mesidor, who was praying for the next pope at St. Maximillian Kolbe Church in PemBroke Pines Wednesday. “A good leader for Christ, somebody who can direct us the right way, it doesn't matter who.”

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Nicole Anzaldo said she is constantly watching the television to catch the news from the Vatican.

“I am hoping for a nice Italian or America… Any one is fine,” said Anzaldo, who believes this will be a historic decision.

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At St. Maximillian Kolbe Church, Doreen Boyd said she was praying for the cardinals to be led by the Holy Spirit when casting their votes.

“Just a Pope that will lead us,” said Boyd. “Really lead us well and lead the church into a new kind of church for the modern times.”

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But in the end, said Mesidor, the only thing Catholics in South Florida can do is pray.

"We as human beings can't decide,” said Mesidor. “Only Him."

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