We Do Declare, Space Shuttle Has the Vapors

What was up with that strange glowing cloud last night?

When one sees a glowing cloud at night, there’s only one obvious explanation: aliens. Coming to destroy Earth.

Let’s hope you didn’t Twitter the annihilation of mankind, as that glowing cloud you may have seen while enjoying an evening stroll wasn’t a UFO. It was, most likely, an atmospheric reaction to the space shuttle launch that took place minutes before.

While most folks who observed it probably just filed the sighting under “hmm, weird” and moved on with their lives, Sun-Sentinel weather guru Ken Kaye is on a quest to know more. “It might have been condensation or a mix of gases from the shuttle,” meteorologist Dan Gregoria of the National Weather Service told Kaye.

But wait! Jack Horkheimer, head of the Miami Planetarium -- you know, the place you went to for elementary school field trips and the Pink Floyd laser show (hopefully not in the same year)-- thinks it was the way the sun on the horizon was hitting that particular cloud.
We’re just glad it wasn’t little green men … or was it?



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