“Spanglish Review” Brings Tech Advice to Spanish Speakers

With the holidays around the corner, the latest gadget might be on your wish list.

Most phone carriers offer 2-year contracts for wireless devices, but will that shiny new smartphone survive to the end? A pair of South Florida tech guys do the research for you, before you swipe your card.
Paul Diaz and Gerardo Mota mix their passion for technology with their bilingual roots in their YouTube channel: Spanglish Review.
The channel features weekly “unboxings” of the newest gadgets.
“When you take it out of the box, that feeling you get that you know, ‘It’s my new toy,’ that’s what people like to see,” Diaz said.
The pair produces review videos in Spanish, from Diaz’s Coral Gables home. Their audience, however, is international. Most of their views come from South America, Mexico and Spain.
Spanglish Review started as a small side project nearly 4 years ago. It now has deals with the biggest phone carriers, and access to the latest gadgets.
“They want to be featured with us because we have a niche market for the Hispanic people and Spanish speakers," Diaz said.
Diaz and Mota test the devices paying close attention to call quality, internet signal and durability.
Some of their videos show them throwing smartphones against the floor, hosing the devices down with water and even submerging one into a pool.
One of their most popular reviews compared the size of the iPhone 6, 6 Plus and 5S. They also feature other gadgets like cameras, tablets and phone cases.
Diaz said the channel’s name came after they decided against translating certain technical words, like “USB,” and also company names.
“Basically you can’t go with a phone called la manzana,” Diaz said. “You have to say “Apple,” so that’s why the Spanglish kind of fit into it.”
You can find Spanglish Review on YouTubeTwitter and Instagram.
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