Special Needs Dog Reunited With Owner in Time for Thanksgiving

The schnauzer mix, named “Puppy,” was brought in by a Good Samaritan and reunited with the owner Wednesday.

A special needs dog, that was found lost in the streets, was reunited with his owner Wednesday after Miami-Dade Animal Services asked the public’s help in finding the owner.

The schnauzer mix, named “Puppy,” was brought in by a Good Samaritan and was in good condition apart from difficulties with his back legs. He was found in northwest Miami-Dade.

The dog’s owner, Mireya Fernandez, who was on vacation while the dog was lost, said she was extremely happy after reuniting with her dog.

“Family members called her, even from Cuba that they had seen the report on the news and that puppy was here at the shelter,” said Luis Salgado from Miami-Dade Animal Services.

“Puppy,” who is strapped to a wheelchair was given a diaper change and offered a treat, which he turned down because of all the excitement.

“I buy all of his pampers in Costco,” Fernandez said. “We take care of him and it’s not a burden to take care of him.”

After finding the dog, Miami-Dade Animal Services donated a microchip to “Puppy” in case he ever gets lost again.

“We’re going to donate the microchip to the dog so that if it ever gets lost again, or is found by somebody, it can be scanned and the microchip will come back with her information,” Salgado said.

After getting the microchip, the dog was given a rabies shot and was returned home to his family, where he is known as "the king of the house."

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