South Florida

Special Night for Teens Who Missed Prom Because of Cancer Treatment

Dozens of South Florida teenagers who are battling cancer are getting the chance to dance the night away and forget about their illness.

It's all thanks to the Unforgettable Prom Foundation. The charitable organization is going all out to make sure they get their special prom Friday night.

The Unforgettable Prom Foundation gives teens who have missed their proms because of cancer the opportunity to attend one.

"It's about more. It's about beating cancer in a way," said Gabriella Masiello, as she got ready for her special prom.

Just last year, Masiello was laying in a hospital bed in the pediatric intensive care unit at Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital.

"I was in the PICU and I found out I couldn't attend my prom so I was very devastated."

Masiello was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer, "Leomyo circoma, I finished October 1st."

She finished chemo last October and is now in remission, so like the other teenagers Friday night, she has a lot to be grateful for.

The group gathered at Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital to get ready for the prom at the same hospital where they battled cancer.

Masiello says she feels a special bond with the other girls, "They understand what you've been through."

And Friday night will be all about appreciating the moments because of what they've all been through.

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