Speeder Makes Fake 911 Call to Avoid Ticket

Man charged with making false 911 call

Florida motorists can get quite creative when trying to get out of a speeding ticket, but Jonathan Paul Rorech may have taken the cake.

The Naples man had what he thought was a fool-proof plan to get out of a ticket - make a prank 911 call.

After being pulled over by a Sheriff's deputy Tuesday, Rorech placed the emergency 911 from his cell phone and reported there was a shooting in the area and a victim was on the ground, the Naples News reported.

The call was dispatched to the deputy, who dropped what he was doing to attend to the alleged more serious matter, the police report stated.

Rorech, who was driving under a suspended license and had been going 45 mph in a 30 mph zone, drove away thinking he had pulled a fast one on the law.

Unfortunately for Rorech, the police have heard of caller ID.

When the deputy arrived at the address given for the fake shooting, the scene was empty and no one had heard any gunshots.

He realized that something was wrong. The deputy quickly retraced the call and got Rorech's voicemail.

Now instead of just a traffic ticket, Rorech was arrested for making a false 911 call.

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