Spike in Demand, Prices for Dark Meat Chicken

Foodies in Brickell are getting hip to the latest culinary trend

It may come as no surprise that in trendy Brickell, foodies are getting hip to the latest culinary trend: dark meat chicken.

"I actually like dark meat. White meat dries out if you overcook it," explained Robert Polk.

Grocery stores like Whole Foods Market have noted a spike in demand for dark meat, the chicken's deeper-colored, softer-textured legs and thighs, which fans believe are heavier on flavor.

"It's softer, more fat," said one aficionado, Andrea of Brickell. "Just like a red meat has more fat, just like a rib-eye has more than, say, a chuck steak."

"It's a lot cheaper to purchase, and a lot easier to cook sometimes," added Charles Villard.

Prices for dark meat are rising, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The agency finds dark meat price tags are catching up to the more popular white meat chicken breasts.

In March, the USDA found prices for thighs rising about 15 percent, and 26 percent for drumsticks. The price for both is hovering around a $1.30 per pound.

Despite the extra cost, chicken fans said they are willing to pay a little more.

"You can't give up the drumstick for anything, I'm sorry, that's something you fight for sometimes," Villard said.

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