Spirit Strikes Out With Crude Florida Oil Ad

"Check out the oil on our beaches" sale is as crude as black gold

When you have upset most of your passengers by leaving them stranded for nearly a week, there is no level too low to get them back.

Well, that at least seems to be Spirit Airlines' motto.

The Miramar-based airline is now running a sale on flights to Florida that tells potential customers to "Check Out the Oil On Our Beaches."

While that might have made a few ad execs chuckle in the boardroom, that type of talk could get you lynched on South Beach. With hotels and other tourism-related businesses in panic mode awaiting the black ooze from the Gulf oil spill, now is not the time for parody.

But offending Floridians has become a perfected art by Spirit, which left thousands of passengers in a holding pattern last week as they fought through a very public labor dispute with disgruntled, underpaid pilots.

Now they are coming back with a $50 off coupon that is supposed to lure customers back. That $50 is just enough to cover the baggage fees charged by the airline.

What a way to improve your crude public image, Spirit.

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