Sponsor Lebron's Bday for $10,000

Companies will receive photo ops with the King, venue signage and VIP treatment

Most of us are just happy if people show up with a bottle of cheap wine to our birthday party. But if you're Lebron James, you'll have to fork over $10,000. 

According to Business Insider, marketing firm SA Global Plus is offering companies (and really rich, narcissistic individuals, we guess) the chance to "increase brand awareness" by sponsoring James' 26th birthday party next Thursday.

For a minimum of $10,000, sponsors will get photo ops with the King, venue signage, a presence in the swag bags and VIP treatment.

The party, which will be held in the Gansevoort's Coco DeVille lounge, will feature a "royal" theme, meaning you can finally break out that bejeweled scepter and fur-lined cape.

In case you were wondering what the crowd will be like, SGP ensures potential sponsors in its proposal that the event will consist of an "A-List crowd of multicultural, savvy trendsetters, and jetsetters that re-invent and set the tone for a chic lifestyle."

We're going to translate that into lots of golddiggers and the sugardaddies who love them. We'll bring the boxed wine.


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