Spring Breakers Have to Play by the Rules, Fort Lauderdale Officials Say

Thousands of college students are already in town for spring break. The Fort Lauderdale Police Department wants to make sure everyone plays by the rules.

"We just heard it was a fun spring break spot," said Taylor Lehman, from Indiana.

A fun time – but no drinking is allowed on the beach, Fort Lauderdale Police say.

The police department also wants travelers to know about ordinances that forbid sleeping on the beach, indecent exposure, and open containers of alcohol in public places.

"Consequences for violating a municipal ordinance or state statute would either be physical arrest or the issuance of a notice to appear," said police spokeswoman Det. DeAnna Greenlaw.

A visitor could also end up in handcuffs for refusing to leave an establishment after being warned.

Mayor Jack Seiler says there is zero tolerance for anyone who breaks the law.

"We want them to have fun here. We want them to enjoy themselves but you know, don't cross the line," he said.

The Greater Fort Lauderdale Convention & Visitors Bureau expects about 12,000 college students this year.

The estimate is drastically lower than the more than 300,000 young adults that used to make the city their go-to spot in the 1980s.

"It's not like it used to be. I think what happens now with the college kids is that they have other options," the mayor said.

The bureau also expects about 1 million people total during spring break months.

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