“Spring Cleaning” Leads to 14 Drug Arrests

Drug sweep takes dangerous dealers off the streets

South Miami Police officers took out their brooms Friday and swept away more than a dozen drug dealers and violent criminals off the streets.

A two-month investigation, dubbed "Operation Spring Cleaning," led to the arrest of 14 people on drug charges and gun possession, Police Chief Orlando Martinez De Castro announced.

The cleansing started at 5 a.m., serving two search warrants and making several arrests. Police confiscated drugs, money and stolen property.

Police have not released the names and specific charges of the suspects in custody, but they are currently being booked in jail, officials said.

Undercover cops sneaked into the dirty world of the drug trade by purchasing drugs from the suspected dealers, De Castro said.

The operation was assisted by City of Miami Police, Coral Gables Police, Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms and Immigrations Customs Enforcement (ICE).

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