‘Stand Your Ground' Denied for Lauderhill Store Owner Who Fired AK-47 During Altercation

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A judge on Friday denied a "stand your ground" defense for a Lauderhill convenience store owner who was caught on surveillance firing an AK-47 at a customer during an altercation in 2017.

Saf Ahmad, 30, claimed self-defense in the Christmas Eve shooting at the Kwik Pick store that stemmed from an argument with a customer.

The incident began when a customer entered the store and threatened to shoot up the place because of a fight that happened earlier that day where the store's employees beat up the customer's friend, police said.

Surveillance cameras inside the store captured that heated encounter, and footage from outside the store shows Jason Morris throwing a trash can at the establishment.

"I couldn't risk it anymore because I gave him multiple chances to leave and he was just continually escalating the threat," Ahmad said.

According to an affidaivit, 30-year-old Saf Ahmad was arrested after firing an AK-47 during an altercation with an angry customer at the Kwick Pick convenience store in Lauderhill.  

Moments later when he threw a can of hairstyling oil from his car toward the store, Ahmad said he thought he heard gunshots, grabbed an AK-47 and started firing at Morris, who was shot once in the back.

Ahmad was charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. His lawyer said he was shooting in self-defense and to protect his store and employees.

"That's all I did, I acted in self-defense and protected everybody," Ahmad said.

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