‘Stand Your Ground' Denied in Miami Cop Murder Case

The woman charged with shooting and killing her Miami Police officer boyfriend lost her bid to have her case dismissed under Florida's "Stand Your Ground" law.

A judge ruled Friday that Tiniko Thompson will head to trial in the shooting death of Officer Carl Patrick. Thompson, who has claimed self-defense, will remain behind bars without bond.

"What she did, she did wrong," Patrick's mother, Lucille Patrick, said after Friday's hearing. "He was a good man, I'm proud of him in his grave today."

Thompson, 46, was arrested on a murder charge in the May 2014 death.

At the "Stand Your Ground" hearing earlier in the week, Thompson's attorney argued that the shooting was unintentional, and that Patrick was to blame.

Thompson and Patrick lived together in Pembroke Pines. She said he beat and abused her and that she killed him, with his gun, while they were fighting. Thompson, then a Miami Police public service aide, claims Patrick had the gun in her mouth, feared for her life and wrestled the gun away and killed him.

"She says 'he didn't have a right to stick a gun in my face and to beat me, I was fighting for my life,' and there's nothing to refute that," attorney Rod Vareen said.

Days after the shooting, Thompson told NBC 6 in an exclusive interview that the shooting was an accident.

"She comes into the courtroom on Wednesday and for the first time says 'I had the gun and I had to shoot him because I was in fear of death or great bodily harm,'" prosecutor Shari Tate said. "That's why the prior two statements when she says she shot him were important."

Thompson's trial is scheduled for October.

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