Stanton Voices Displeasure Over Potential Marlins Rebuild

Giancarlo Stanton commented on a potential rebuild of the Marlins on Friday evening

Miami Marlins outfielder Giancarlo Stanton commented on a potential rebuild, during a discussion on Friday with FanRag Sports.

Incoming CEO Derek Jeter could look to trim payroll this off-season. While Stanton has a no-trade clause, he may waive it if he is asked. When asked about the trade speculation, Stanton was rather blunt with his response.

“I don’t want to rebuild … I’ve lost for seven years," Stanton said.

Trading those around Stanton such as Marcell Ozuna, could make the slugger head for the exit door himself. Without talent around him, Stanton would likely be walked more often than not in 2018. Not only would this limit his individual statistics, but it would likely mean another losing season.

“Anything positive I’ve done, there’s still negativity. I’m doing this … but the owner’s doing that. I’m doing this, but the team’s doing that," Stanton added.

Stanton has 59 home runs this season and could become only the sixth man ever to join the 60-homer club. The outfielder also has a chance of reaching the magical number of 61, as Miami still has two full games remaining. With 59 homers, Stanton has already set a new franchise record and is contention for the Most Valuable Player award.

Thus far Jeter and majority owner Bruce Sherman have not publicly commented on their payroll plans. It is possible one or both could make some statements next week, when the sale is expected to close. Trades wouldn't begin to take place until after the World Series, but behind the scenes work could begin immediately.

Stanton signed a 13-year contract worth a record $325 million with Miami. Beginning in 2018, his annual salary will increase and become a large percentage of the payroll. If the new ownership plans to reduce payroll, it would become increasingly difficult to field a team around Stanton.

The Marlins have not reached the playoffs since 2003, the longest current drought in the National League. With the 2017 season coming to a close, another losing record is going into the books. To turn this team into a winner, the Marlins likely need to add more talent. Losing any of the current core, could result in at least one more losing season.

During his time with the New York Yankees, Jeter was part of championships and played competitive baseball on a yearly basis. In his first year as a member of a front office, Jeter will now decide how competitive his team can possibly be. Besides wins and losses, Jeter is working with a fanbase that is desperate and anxious for winning baseball. Trading away a franchise cornerstone like Stanton, could cause him to lose the public's trust immediately.

Miami will wrap up the season on Sunday at 3:10 p.m.

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