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Star Island Mansion on the Move

Almost everyone has moved into a house before, but how about moving the entire house to a new location? That’s exactly what an owner did Tuesday on Star Island.

"The complication factor is very high but these guys do it all the time, they use multi-point distribution for the weight, it's a 500 ton thing that they're moving, hydraulic jacks that go to self-propelled little tire wheel things," explained Jansheski.

He bought the property after selling his company for a ton of money, and to make room for a modern stunner, an 18,000 square foot home on the waterfront, decided to move and restore the 1924 hacienda. His brother, Mark Jansheski, is the project manager.

"Well, it would've been a lot easier just to tear it down, but this idea made a lot of sense, we get two houses," said Mark Jansheski.

The delicate process of moving an historic mansion begins by cutting it off its foundation, raising it up about five feet onto steel girders, and then the process kicks into high gear. Well, more like a really low gear. It moves extremely slowly to make sure the building doesn't crack. You can barely tell that the wheels are rolling.

"We're gonna restore it, it's kinda like a Rolls Royce, the first Rolls Royce. They're gonna spend a lot of time and make it nice," said John Janshefski, explaining that the exterior of the old house will eventually look the way it did when it was built, but the interior will be updated to accommodate modern plumbing, appliances, and air conditioning.

Jansheski is going to spend millions to save the mansion on Star Island.

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