State Department Warns Against Reported Protest Outside U.S. Embassy in Venezuela

Those working inside the US embassy in Caracas, Venezuela are on edge Tuesday morning after reports of a possible protest planned outside the building as unrest continues in the county.

Diplomats there say they’re not sure exactly when the protest is going to take place, but the embassy issued a warning to Americans in Venezuela about a possible demonstration there.

In a message, the embassy said it had received reports from social media about opposition activists planning to converge there.

The State Department has cautioned Americans to stay away from protests in the country, as many have ended in deadly confrontations in recent months as those who oppose the regime of President Nicolas Maduro have clashed with military members sent to end each protest.

The report comes just as Vice President Mike Pence met with Venezuelan refugees in neighboring Colombia on Monday – days after the Trump administration did not rule out possible military intervention in the country.

It also comes as an increased security detail protects U.S. Senator and Miami native Marco Rubio, a vocal critic of the Maduro regime, after reports of a death threat against him surfaced from a high ranking official in Venezuela’s government.

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