Station to Neil Rogers: Get the “F” Out

The popular morning talk show host drops an F bomb on the air and is suspended

It's never a bad time to take a dump, but for talk show host Neil Rogers, not being able to dump may cost him his job.

Rogers, who hosts a news and political commentary show on WQAM, has been suspended indefinitely after an F-bomb slipped into his show Monday. The veteran host claims he hit his "dump" button, which allows people to edit an expletive or unsavory comment within seven seconds of saying it. It didn't work.

What's worse is Rogers was indirectly swearing at his boss, general manager Joe Bell. That probably wasn't a good idea, either. Kind of hard to spin the "F--- Joe Bell" comment, especially after he just fired your friend and longtime producer.

"I hit the dump button three times," Rogers told the South Florida Sun-Sentinel.

The station's attorneys and the FCC are looking into the matter with possible sanctions likely to come. it appears Rogers, who lives in Toronto, can sense he might be on borrowed time.

On his website, there is a poll question for visitors on how worried they are about his future. The choices are classic Rogers.

"Sick-to-my-stomach worried," "Sort of worried," and "Not at all -- he'll outlast that bastard Joe Bell."

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