Stealth Crooks Snatch Woman's Purse at Parkland Gas Station

In a matter of seconds, a woman's purse is gone as she filled up at a gas station in Parkland.

The thieves were more like sit-and-wait predators as they went unnoticed and watched their victim.

The victim, 65-year-old Elvie McCormick, said she feels violated and is still in shock.

"When you look at the timing of this video, it was literally seconds," said McCormick.

It happened on Sept. 26 at the Sun Gas Chevron on N. State Road 7.

Footage shows towering flames in San Francisco as crews battle a fire caused by a gas explosion.

Security video released Monday shows the two men pulling up in a silver 4-door Toyota Camry with dark tinted windows.

They parked across from the victim's car and waited.

Once the woman walked toward the pump, the crook in the driver's seat slipped out and crouched toward the victim's car, opened the door and yanked her handbag.

"I didn't see it! I didn't see the door open. I didn't hear anything," said McCormick.

Police said the duo quickly drove off as the woman continued filling up her car.

"I always take my purse and it way over on the passenger side in between the door and seat," said McCormick.

She said she had about $600 in cash and goods in the purse. The 65-year-old also lost her keys and had to change the locks on her home.

The video serves as a warning to keep your car doors locked while refueling at the gas station.

McCormick said she has since changed the way she pumps gas.

"I go around the car, make sure nobody's there. Then, I make sure that I'm aware of anybody coming in," said McCormick.

The thieves remain on the run.

Anyone with information on this case is asked to Broward Crime Stoppers at 954-493-TIPS.

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