Stepfather Talks About Finding His Son Dead After Lauderdale Lakes Murder

Marlon Channer found his stepson dead when he came home just before 4 o'clock Monday afternoon.

Authorities were investigating after an 18-year-old man was found dead inside his Lauderdale Lakes home Monday.

Steven Rutty was gunned down at his own home and was found by his stepfather, who came home just before 4 o'clock Monday afternoon.

"Yeah he had been shot in the head," stepfather Marlon Channer said Tuesday. "In the side of the head and was lying in a pool of blood."

Channer called 911, and authorities responded to the home at 3760 Northwest 27th St.

"I haven’t shed no tears because I’m still in a shock still in disbelief I still can’t believe what I see," he said.

His family, including his uncle, Richard Simpson, will remember Rutty as someone who was quiet, shy, but had a strong character.

"Loving boy, loving boy," Simpson said. "He never disrespect me."

Rutty’s mother had to be taken to the hospital after the news of his death. She was released Tuesday, but was still not coping well.

"[She's] very, very bad, she faint a couple times,” Simpson said.

Police have not released any information on a possible suspect or motive. But Simpson said he doesn’t think this was random.

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