Steve Berke Says His Second Bid for Miami Beach Mayor Will Have “No Schtick”

The man who made a name for himself supporting the legalization of marijuana in 2011 says he's "running a very serious campaign" this year

In 2011, comedian and mayoral hopeful Steve Berke made a name for himself supporting the legalization of marijuana. Now, as he launches his second bid to be elected the mayor of Miami Beach, Berke said he has matured.

"I've retired from standup comedy, there's going to be no schtick this year," he said. "I'm running a very serious campaign."

Berke's agenda calls for transparency at City Hall, and a goal to restore public trust in the Miami Beach Police Department. Perhaps his most ambitious campaign capstone is to revolutionize travel around the Beach in seven years.

"I'm offering a big 20/20 vision for the city," Berke said. "My centerpiece of my 20/20 vision is the Skylink, which is an iconic public integrated transportation system that links the cities of Miami and Miami Beach."

From his midtown campaign office, the 32-year-old Miami Beach native is crafting a media maelstrom, which includes a YouTube video campaign, and plans for an MTV 2 reality show. It's an effort he hopes will inspire young voters.

"I want young people to know: don't just vote for president," Berke said. "Who you vote for in your mayoral election will effect your life more than who you vote for in the presidential election, so pay attention to your city politics."

No word yet on when Berke's show will air, but the premise so far is to track his mayoral campaign.

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