Stolen Puppy Returned to Pensacola Pet Store

An 8-week-old Yorkshire terrier is safe and sound at a Pensacola Petland days after a woman smuggled it out of the store.
Surveillance video shows a woman who had asked to play with the puppy last Wednesday walking out the door with it when an employee went to help another customer.

"It seemed like they had the intent of stealing the puppy from the start," store manager Scott Schmieder told the Pensacola News Journal. "They walked in, went straight to the puppies, got a puppy out, then left."
Schmieder said someone walked into the store Sunday afternoon and handed the missing pup to a cashier. He says he thinks that media attention pressured the thief into returning the 2-pound dog.

"I think they got pressured," he said. "There was so much media (coverage) on it that they got scared and brought it back."
The store is now considering changing policy so that customers can only play with animals while an employee is present.
Schmieder says the puppy, which is valued at $2,000, is in good health.

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