Strip Club Location for Student Party Causes Uproar

There has been an uproar over tickets to a party for kids to celebrate the end of school this year. The location: one of South Florida's largest adult strip clubs.

The promoter said hundreds of tickets had been sold, fancy clothes purchased and hotel rooms booked. All for what was labeled a #NoIDParty at the King of Diamonds Adult Entertainment Complex.

If you drive anywhere along I-95 near the Golden Glades, you would recognize the huge building as the King of Diamonds.

NBC 6 received word about the party when a woman said her 15-year-old son brought the information home from school and she was shocked.

The event was posted on social media, and a flyer for the event shows scantily clad women; $15 to get in and $30 for VIP.

"My first thought was, it's kind of inappropriate. You know, especially in a strip club," one parent said.

The parent said she became alarmed when her son showed her the promotional material for the teen party. The promoter posted teens posing with the tickets at area high schools. Promoters were also handing out goodies at schools.

A social media posting shows the tickets being offered as far north as Jacksonville.

State Rep. Barbara Watson said she went to the club to see what was going on.

"I was informed that they would be having their strippers there but they said they were going to be dressed appropriately for intermingling with children," she said. "I inquired about their poles and they told me their poles would be removed."

Miami-Dade County rules require minors be kept more than 1,000 feet away from adult entertainment. That's why Rep. Watson moved to put an end to it.

"I find that totally unacceptable to have teenagers to be involved in. We need to stop this event in its entirety," Rep. Watson said.

The strip club owner has agreed not to host the teen bash. Parents said they were not only worried about the club, but about the hotels the promoter listed as preferred locations for those staying overnight.

NBC 6 spoke to the promoter who said he has taken the proper steps so this can be a clean and safe environment for teens, no strippers. He said he only picked the location for the size. He said hundreds of tickets have been sold and now he's scrambling to find another location for the event.

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