Kickin' Stripper Sued for Breaking Face

Man battered by dancer's brain boot

All Michael Ireland wanted was to see a little flesh, but he left the Cheetah club hoping he'll one day be able to see clearly again after a roundhouse kick from a stripper broke his face and left his vision permanently impaired.

Now Ireland has filed a negligence suit against the stripper, Sakeena Shageer, and the West Palm Beach club where the businessman took the boot to the noggin.

According to the suit, filed last week, Ireland was hit "suddenly and without warning" by the 28-year-old exotic dancer, who goes by "Suki" while on stage, as he sat at the bar at the Cheetah.

Ireland suffered broken bones near his eye and nose and has permanent double vision. He's had one surgery and may need another.

"We're hopeful the club's insurance company will still do the right thing," Ireland's lawyer Lake Lytal told the Sun-Sentinel.

Cheetah manager Rod Kimbrough recalls an entirely different story, however, in which Ireland wasn't exactly an innocent club goer.

"A patron violently slapped the young lady on her buttocks as she was walking around on top of the bar and I guess out of natural response she turned around and kicked him," Kimbrough told WPTV. "From what I was told, this guy refused medical attention, he came back in the club after that and had beers."

Kimbrough said that Suki is a good girl and that she likely couldn't have done much damage with her 5' 1" frame anyway.

"She a very nice, young, small girl," he said.

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