Strong Current, Murky Waters Impact Lobster Mini-Season Kickoff

It's the season many divers have been waiting for, but strong currents and murky waters have made things a little difficult for the kickoff of Lobster Mini-Season in Florida.

Dozens took to the water early Wednesday for the kickoff of Lobster Mini-Season. At Crandon Park Marina in Key Biscayne, boaters waited in long lines for their chance to head out into the water.

Some boaters tell NBC 6 the turnout so-far is much greater this year when compared to the previous year.

The two-day event kicked off at midnight Wednesday. Lobster Mini-Season permits divers to bring back 12 lobsters per person per day.

This year, the state is offering some incentive for fishermen to catch the invasive and poisonous lionfish during the mini-season. For every 10 lionfish caught, divers can take home an extra lobster each day.

Most divers tell NBC 6 they're mainly concerned about catching lobster, even though it's proving more difficult this year.

"Last year we got 48 pretty quick, pretty much in the first 45 minutes," one pair of divers tell NBC 6. "This time, it's almost 5 and we only got 13. It was a lot harder this time."

Even with the day's challenges, divers are still arriving in droves to catch lobster.

Lobster Mini-Season ends Thursday night at 11:59 p.m.

Officials with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission say divers should know their limits and boaters need to keep an eye out for dive flags and people below.

For Miami-Dade Fire Rescue's lobster mini-season safety tips, click here.

For the FWC's lobster mini-season regulations, click here.

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