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Stoneman Douglas Student Under House Arrest After Attacking Teacher In Classroom

The female student attacked Sharon Cutler during the last class period of school Monday by putting Cutler in a headlock

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A teacher at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School is recovering after being attacked by a freshman student inside her classroom.

According to an initial report from TapInto Coral Springs, the 14-year-old female student attacked Sharon Cutler during the last class period of the Parkland school Monday by putting Cutler in a headlock.

The student struck the teacher several times in the head and face, put her in a headlock and bit her pinky finger, according to the arrest report from the Broward County Sheriff's Office.

Another student tried to get the girl away from Cutler but was struck, according to witnesses.

Cutler, who teaches finance-related classes at the school and is an administrator for the school's DECA program, was not taken to the hospital.

"I'm okay (physically). Tough day today. I am home resting. #bekind #bekindtooneanother," she wrote on social media.

Broward Sheriff's Office deputies handcuffed the unidentified teen and took her into custody, with a spokesperson saying the incident is being handled as an assault case and is under investigation.

In a Broward juvenile court hearing Tuesday, the teen was placed under house arrest until November 22nd with her next hearing scheduled for November 30th. The State Attorney's office asked for an ankle monitor to be placed on the teen while also asking for a stay away order from both the school and Cutler.

Broward County Public Schools officials said the student would face "appropriate disciplinary consequences" from the school. It was mentioned in the hearing that the school board recommended the teen be suspended with a recommendation for expulsion.

"Per the school's administration, the School Resource Officer, security team and staff immediately responded to the incident involving a student and teacher," Broward County Public Schools said in a statement. "School leaders are taking this incident seriously and are cooperating with the District's Special Investigative Unit and law enforcement in their investigation."

Editor's note: A quote about the student facing disciplinary action was mistakenly attributed to the school's principal in a previous version of this story.

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