Student Being Evaluated After Possible ‘Kill List' Found at School in Port St. Lucie

Police in one Florida county are investigating a possible “kill list” found at a school – as the teen accused of making the list says it was all a joke.

An officer at Somerset College Preparatory Academy was told by a student that a freshman at the school in Port St. Lucie had made a list of people he wanted to kill, according to NBC affiliate WPTV. Police questioned the student who allegedly made that list, who told them he ripped it up and threw it away as a joke.

Officers found the pieces in a school trash can and put them back together, discovering a list of names. The student has been placed in an area hospital, where he is undergoing mental evaluations.

One student at the school who was on that list says some of the names were people who had “told on” its alleged creator in the past – as well as teachers who may have been failing the student.

“I was kind of shocked because my name was on it. It was so descriptive, all the stuff he had on there,” Nina Cruz told the station. “He warned me don’t come to school on May 15, and I thought it was just a joke, because he has a dark sense of humor”

Officials from the school notified students and teachers whose names were listed. School principal Erika Rains told WPTV that students are safe and notified parents that the alleged creator is not in school.

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