Student Found With Gun at Opa-locka School

A student was taken into custody after he was found with a gun at an Opa-locka school Wednesday.

The incident happened at Jann Man Opportunity School at 16101 Northwest 44th Court, Opa-locka Police said. According to police, school administrators got a tip that a student had a firearm in a classroom.

“When I sat down, less than two seconds, you could say maybe 15 to 25 police come in, each of them with their guns drawn,” said student Gianncarlo Gamboe.

When an officer approached the kid who police were tipped off about, police said the kid mouthed off to the officer, the two struggled, and a gun was found on the student. While being arrested, the kid said another student had a gun. So, out of an abundance of caution, police locked down the campus.

No other gun was found after police searched the school. The school lockdown was lifted a short time after the search ended.

The teen is expected to face a weapons charge as well as resisting arrest. It’s not known if he will be allowed back at the school.

“They need see-through bags so they can see through it before the kids go in or they need one of the metal detectors so they can take things that the kids is toting in their bags or on their body,” said parent Isaiah Bullard. “There are too many young kids dying and they bringing weapons to the school. Back in the day, we never did this.”

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