Andrew Pestano

Student Pilots Face Eviction Over Payment Dispute

What to Know

  • A woman who was subletting to student pilots allegedly never paid the property owner.
  • The students faced eviction but the property owner worked out a compromise.

About 31 student pilots living near the Miami Executive Airport faced eviction as the woman from which they rented allegedly failed to make payments to the property owner.

Some students were preparing to leave on Wednesday from one of the three homes they rented on the same block. So far, the students had paid about $40,000 for the five-bedroom homes, they said.

However, the students said they were blindsided when they found out the property owner was taking back the properties because the woman involved failed to make payments.

The students were subleasing from the woman and the property owner suggested he was not aware of the details of her business. The student pilots do not face immediate eviction, but a resolution is needed within 48 hours.

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