Students at Central Florida School Using Prom Money to Help Teacher Who Has Cancer: Report

Students at a central Florida high school are devoting their prom money to helping a popular math teacher who is very ill in his third round with cancer, WESH reported.

The prom team at Pine Ridge High School in Deltona has taken on the moniker Team Charlie in honor of Charlie Lundell, who has been at the school since it opened 20 years ago, according to WESH.

"He really cares about helping people learn and really wants us to be our full potential," junior class President Katie Buday said of Lundell, and students want to help him out.

Now the entire school is rallying behind the effort, WESH reported.

Said Alejandra Morales, a senior at Pine Ridge: “It really livens up the entire student body when we hear someone who has helped us through something, we want to help them get through it as well.”

Students are also working to raise money for another teacher they have learned is seriously ill, who is in a hospital.

For more information on their effort, call the school at 386-575-4195 or 407-688-9500. Its mailing address is Pine Ridge High School, 926 Howland Blvd., Deltona, FL 32738.

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