Students Headed to Prom Help Crash Victims

The 20 students from Western High School were on their way to their prom in Fort Lauderdale.

A group of 20 students headed to prom – along with their limousine driver – helped rescue five adults and two children, who were trapped in a van after they crashed on Interstate 595 Saturday.

The students, from Western High School, were on their way to their senior prom when their limo driver witnessed the accident and stopped to help, the South Florida Sun Sentinel reported.

The van had flipped on its side and the driver had to stop quickly in order to avoid hitting the van, the report said.

As the driver got out of the car he heard the passengers of the van yelling and crying as they tried to exit the van, the report said.

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"We were trying to help because we didn't know what happened, how they flipped, how many people were in there," Krista Pulcini, a 17-year-old student, told the newspaper.

In their tuxedos and prom dresses, the students each took a different role in aiding the van passengers.

"[A woman] started crying, 'My baby,' and we were trying to find the baby and the baby was stuck on the floor but we could see the baby," Danny Izzi, president of Avanti Limousines and Airport Transportation, told the newspaper. "I pulled [the baby] out and handed the baby to some girl from the prom."

Peter Kim, who wants to work in health care in the future, grabbed a little boy. He also helped the anguished mother.

"We laid her down, and we tried to calm her down, she was just panicking, she was in shock," Kim told NBC 6. "She was screaming out ‘Where's my baby?’ and ‘Where's my baby?’”

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Authorities arrived within five minutes, according to the report. The passengers of the van were taken to the hospital, while the students went on to their prom in Fort Lauderdale.

"I went to the prom and a lot of girls were helping me get the blood out of my dress, so it was good,” Pulcini told the newspaper.

None of the passengers of the van were seriously hurt, according to the report.

"I freaked out a little bit, but at least they were safe," Pulcini told the newspaper. "That's what made me happy, they were safe."

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