Sugarloaf Key Sits Pretty on the World’s Top 20 Islands

Sugarloaf Key makes the top 50 best islands to live on

Hemingway's Retreat

Sugarloaf Key, a quiet island east of Key West, rests on mile marker 17 and sits 17th in the ratings of Islands magazine's top 20 islands to live on, in the world.

That puts our very own state on the map with the likes of Fiji, Tokyo, Greece and Cozumel. For all those with dreams of retiring to far away land, like Bali, rethink the commute. All that cumbersome paperwork may not be worth the effort.

Not only does Sugarloaf Key rank ahead of Bali and amongst the who’s who of island retreats, but it sits discreetly and conveniently in our border, just waiting to be discovered. calls Sugarloaf a haven for “simple-way-of-lifers” looking to boat, relax waterside on a hammock, sip at a beach bar, and head back home canal-side with fresh Wahoo.

But before a permanent zip code change, features Sea Vista Estates for a preview of life at marker 17. For a weekly rate, shoes are optional while visitors live beachside, and bask in all the reasons Sugarloaf ranks among the best.

No, they did not skimp on travel prices. traveled the world from the Big Island of Hawaii to New Zealand to Tahiti.

While South Floridians already know they belong to an exclusive class, a little recognition for Sugarloaf Key makes us that much more credible. The proof is in the number. 

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