Sumo Slice: Kimbo to Fight Japanese Wrestler

Slice will main event a Japanese pro wrestling event Feb. 5

In Miami circles, Kimbo Slice is the most feared man in backyard brawling history.

Maybe now his name should be Sumo Slice.

Slice, AKA Kevin Ferguson, is scheduled to fight a former sumo wrestler in the main event at a pro wrestling event in Japan on Feb. 5, reports Yahoo! Sports.

Yes, that's pro wrestling as in sports entertainment, fake wrestling.

Slice has disappeared from the scene since he was pummeled into submission in May in his debut match with the UFC. He was released from his contract by UFC president Dana White the next day.

Rumors swirled that the former "Baddest Man on the Planet" was going to make a comeback in the squared circle and not the octagon, but the boxing thing apparently never panned out.

So what does a former tough guy do? Go to the world of make believe, of course.

Slice is set to square off with Wakakirin Shinichi, a former sumo wrestler who was booted out of the sport after he was caught with marijuana in 2009.

It's unclear what kind of match the Slice-Shinichi staged fight will be. If it's a backyard brawl, of course Slice has the advantage.

But a part of us wants to see slice parade around the ring in traditional sumo garb - those oversized, man thongs.

Something tells us this wasn't the scripted ending that Slice had in mind for his fairy tale career.

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