Sunshine State City Goes Solar

S. Florida town will be powered by sun

Let the sunshine in!

A Florida developer announced yesterday a plan for a 20,000 home city that would be the first ever powered by zero-emission solar energy.

"We're out to prove that it works economically," developer Syd Kitson told the Miami Herald. "And it's the right thing to do for the long-term solutions in this country."

Kitson's company is developing the city, Babcock Ranch, on 17,000 acres just northeast of Ft. Myers. Over half of the city will remain construction-free, and every building will be certified green.

Since solar power can only be harnessed during the daytime, conventional electricity will power the city at night.

An independant study also found that Babcock Ranch will generate 20,000 permanent jobs.

Kitson said the new city will have several housing options, everything from super-affordable modest homes to super-expensive mansions

Though the plan is still subject to approval, construction could begin next year.

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