Brian Hamacher

Surfer Bitten on Foot By Shark at Deerfield Beach: BSO

A 21-year-old surfer was hospitalized after he was bitten on the foot by a shark at Deerfield Beach Monday.

The surfer was bitten on the foot by a 5-foot spinner shark, Broward Sheriff Fire Rescue spokesman Mike Jachles said. He was taken to Broward Health North.

Friends said the surfer, Peter Kirn, needed 20 stitches but was expected to be fine.

Kirn is well-known in the surfing community for water sports and fishing.

"He's a cool dude, he is super nice and a good waterman, a great fisherman and surfer. He's at the beach all the time. It's definitely someone everyone knows, we were blown away when we heard who it was," said Linsey Cottrell.

"They closed down the beach for liability. If someone else got attacked that would look pretty bad. It's the first attack I've ever seen or heard about down here," said Cheyne Cottrell, victim's friend.

The Deerfield Beach pier has reopened following the incident.

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