Doctor Not Able to Perform Plastic Surgeries After Woman's Death

A doctor who is appealing the revocation of his medical license is no longer able to perform plastic surgery procedures days after a woman died after surgery, according to the state.

The Florida Board of Health made the request to restrict Dr. Osak Omulepu from operating Monday. The request was made to the First District Court of Appeals - the panel that would make the ruling regarding Dr. Omulepu's revocation.

Thursday, Lattia Baumeister, 30, died at the hospital soon after having an emergency during a Brazilian Butt Lift surgery. She died of a fat embolism, which is when fat gets in the blood stream and causes a person to stop breathing.

According to her family, Baumeister leaves behind six children. The family has set up a fundraising effort to help her children.

The Florida Board of Medicine voted to revoke Dr. Omulepu's medical license in April. 

Omulepu's revocation came out of two cases that happened on the same day in May 2015. Two women say he punctured their internal organs during Brazilian Butt Lift operations. 

The court ruled Omulepu was allowed to continue operating without restrictions while he appeals that decision.

In the latest request to restrict his license, the state says Omulepu "has not taken responsibility for his actions and sought to absolve himself of responsibility for the serious injuries he caused his patients by claiming an informed consent form protected him."

The court agreed to prohibit him from performing plastic surgery procedures and allow other procedures only if a board-certified doctor was present.

Dr. Omulepu's attorney, Monica Rodriguez, is requesting that Omulepu be able to perform plastic surgeries but only with a board-certified doctor in the room.

The court has not yet ruled on that change.

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