Surprise Graduation Ceremony for Homestead Teen Heading to Marines Training

High school graduation season is on for Miami-Dade high schools. Seniors at Homestead Senior High don't graduate until Tuesday. But one student was honored with his own surprise graduation Friday.

Janiel Price almost missed his graduation because he's set to deploy next week for Marine Corps Training, a day before he was scheduled to graduate.

"Janiel is a special, good kid and you consider the fact that he's going to risk his life so we can have our freedom. You can't not get emotional over that," said Principal Guillermo Muñoz, Homestead Senior HS.

Price has enlisted in the Marines and just found out he will be deployed on Monday and headed for training.

The exciting news for Price was a complication when it came to graduation, as Homestead Senior High is set to bring out the Pomp and Circumstance Tuesday night.

"We decided to hold a special graduation. We want to honor him and his family for the commitment he's doing for our county and to our nation," Principal Muñoz said.

That's why the high school came together for Price. The grad didn't have a clue that Friday morning's dress rehearsal was, in fact, a graduation ceremony setup just for him.

"Jainel, as principal at Homestead, I certify that you have met all the requirements. I hereby declare you a graduate of Homestead Senior High at this time. Please move your tassel from right to left," Principal Muñoz said during the ceremony.

"It's been a long road and to know that they would go through all this work to at least give me the help to, you know, bring this moment that I thought I wasn't able to have," Price expressed.

Price's mom, Cheneika, said she's fortunate she can celebrate her oldest son's accomplishment with such an honor: "I'm very appreciative to Mr. Muñoz and the school because I get to see him graduate now."

Price will be deployed to South Carolina and said his next step is to graduate Marine Corps Training and then earn the title of becoming a U.S. Marine.

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