Surveillance Video Captures Cop Being Choked: Police

A Hollywood man is facing a battery of charges after he allegedly assaulted and choked an officer unconscious at a Hallandale gas station early Tuesday morning, and the entire fight was caught on security cameras.

The incident started when the officer saw Livingston Manners, 37, run a stop sign and eventually was able to pull the car over at a gas station on the 1000 block of NW 8th Avenue in Hallandale. The officer said as soon as he approached the car, Manners started shouting at him and got out of his car.

The officer said he told Manners to stay in his car and when he didn’t, tried to put him in handcuffs. According to the police report, Manners resisted the arrest and the officer eventually wrestled him onto the driver’s seat and at that point Manners began to fight back.

“Even though we don’t want to get into a physical confrontation, sometimes the tools we have fail us and we have to resort to hand to hand,” said Hollywood Police Lt. Derik Alexander.

According to the report, Manners allegedly began to punch the officer and the officer was able to get him on the ground and get on top of him. The officer said Manners “locked his legs around my body preventing my escape” and after hitting him more, “utilized his hands and forcefully grabbed my throat and strangled me.”

The police report said the officer “was unable to breath and momentarily lost consciousness as a result of strangulation.”

“There are a few instances in that struggled where the officer felt that he was gonna lose his life,” said Lt. Alexander.

When backup officers arrived, one hit Manners with a Taser and he continued fighting. The officer who was assaulted also hit Manners with a Taser and at this point all of the officers were able to put the suspect in handcuffs.

During the struggle, at least one motorcycle rider walked right by the fight and ignored what was going on. The assaulted officer had scratches, abrasions, and some problems from losing oxygen, the police report said.

Manners was hit with a litany of charges including attempted murder, resisting an officer with violence, resisting an officer without violence, public order crimes, and running a stop sign.

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