Surveillance Shows Lauderhill Store Owner Firing AK-47 At Customer

His lawyer says it was self-defense

Surveillance footage of a 2017 Christmas Eve shooting that landed a convenience store owner behind bars has been released.

According to an affidavit, 30-year-old Saf Ahmad was arrested after firing an AK-47 during an altercation with an angry customer at the Kwick Pick convenience store in Lauderhill, Florida.

His lawyer, Andrew Rier, says it was self-defense.

"Mr Ahmad did not provoke a confrontation. The confrontation was brought to him," Rier says.

Ahmad told police that a customer entered the store and began making verbal threats. It was in relation to a fight that occurred earlier in the day where the store's employees beat up a friend of the customer, the report says.

Ahmad grabbed his handgun and asked the customer to leave. The customer left, but continued to make threats outside, the report says.

The surveillance video shows Ahmad and an employee holding their handguns outside the store before Ahmad runs back inside and returns with the AK-47, firing it.

Ahmad said he fired the weapon because the customer was shooting at him from his car, the report says.

Police say they obtained the surveillance footage and determined Ahmad's testimony was false.

The customer was never in possession of a weapon and did not appear to be an immediate threat to Ahmad, according to the report.

But, Rier says Ahmad was protecting the store and his employees.

"He's trying to save lives, not end it."

Ahmad is facing one charge of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon.

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