Miami-Dade police

Surveillance Video Shows Gunman, Later Killed in Police Shootout, Murder Man in Opa-locka

Chilling surveillance video shows the moments a gunman murdered a man in broad daylight in Opa-locka over the weekend.

Police say Ronnie Churches shot and killed Roberto Cardenas Sunday at a pawn shop in front of his girlfriend and children.

The footage shows Churches walk up to to Cardenas' car and shoot him in cold blood. The victim's family runs out of the vehicle in the panic. Moments later, Churches is seen on video walking back to the car to grab a rifle. 

"Person didn't have no disregard for human life," said Carlos Benitez, a witness.

Before the shooting, Churches had a dispute with an employee at a car wash, witnesses said. Cardenas had asked Churches to leave, which apparently set him off.

That murder investigation led detectives to Miami Gardens one day later, where Miami-Dade police say they were confronted by Churches, who brandished both a rifle and a handgun.

He started shooting at the officers, who fired back, killing him.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement is investigating the police-involved shooting.

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