Survey Says: Miami is Skin City

Women in Miami are found more casual than in six other cities

As Rick James might say, Miami is "a very freaky girl."

At least according to a new survey that claims that women in Miami are more likely to get naked on the first date -- compared to other cities such as New York, L.A., Chicago, Washington DC, Las Vegas and San Francisco.

Granted, the study was done by an online dating service called

The founder of that service, Dan Levy, told the Miami New Times that he started with the theory that women are becoming more intested in "no-strings-attached-sex," and set out to prove it.

The question Levy posed to users of the site:  How long does it take to get you naked?  He gave them three choices: Less than one date, at least two, or more than three, and broke the answers down by city.

Of nearly 4,000 Miami women, 37 percent said they're okay with getting naked on the first date, according to the New Times.  That beat responses for all the other six cities.

"Being sexually free is becoming more accepted for women," Levy told the New Times.  "The double standard is crumbling."

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