Little River

Suspect in 2007 Party Shooting Being Released From Prison

A man who once faced the death penalty for a mass shooting that killed an innocent bystander, is about to be released from prison.

Morris Sales smiled at his family after admitting guilt to second degree murder and agreeing to seven years in prison, which he's already served.

Sales has been in prison awaiting his trial of first degree murder for the death of Keyon Donaldson since 2008. He was facing the death penalty if found guilty.

But, Thursday he sidestepped that possible fate by taking the state's offer and getting credit for time served.

"It's disgraceful that cases are built upon the words of jailhouse snitches who will lie about anything to get out of jail," said Sales' Defense Attorney David Markus.

Prosecutors claimed Sales and Lincoln Edwin went on a shooting spree at a birthday party in the 7500 block of Northwest 11th Avenue in Little River in 2007.

Four people were injured and a fifth died on the scene.

"Everybody on his family's side is ecstatic. Yesterday we were talking about how to get the death penalty off the table and today we're talking about how he is going to be out of jail today or tomorrow," Markus said.

Sales was also given immunity, meaning he can't testify against Edwin, the co-defendant in the case, who is still awaiting his trial.

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