Suspect in Deadly Bicycle, Car Crash in Weston Facing Multiple Charges

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A Fort Lauderdale man is accused of getting behind the wheel drunk and killing a cyclist.

Police say 21-year-old Lidor Lahiani, was driving that car and say he was drinking and doing drugs before the deadly accident.

He is facing five charges, including DUI manslaughter related to the September hit-and-run.

Lidor Lahiani

The family of the victim spoke in bond court Wednesday.

“My father was killed by a reckless drunk and high driver on a Saturday morning while on his usual morning bicycle ride he always had safety lights on, a helmet, bright shirt it didn't matter.” said the victim’s daughter in court as she spoke to the man accused of hitting and killing her father.

“We watched him die over three slow days. This is the single most painful experience we thought ever been through. Our hearts are shattered, I lost my father,” she said.

Her father, Sidhartha Ibargoyen, was riding his bike and was hit by a car on Saturday, September 4 at approximately 10:30 a.m on State Road 84 near Alligator Alley in Weston.

“The facts are the defendant was partying in several different homes throughout Friday before the crash in Weston,” the prosecutor said. “He consumed alcohol and drugs at these different parties that he was at.”

Lahiani’s attorney says he tried to help the cyclist after the crash.

“He stayed at the scene instead of fleeing and he rendered aid. He, you know, instructed people to call 911 and then stayed there and help, the defense attorney said.”

Ibargoyen was rushed to the hospital where he died from his injuries two months later.

“He was hit with such force but his neck broke and his spine shattered deep bruises on his body”

On Wednesday, the judge did grant Lahiani bond but if convicted, he could face up to a decade in prison. 

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